Youth’s practical role in society

Youth's practical role in society

Young is an important asset of any nation. Youth has a great role in the rise and development of nations, because youths are the owners of high esteem, the continuity and toughness of their lives are discriminated, the abundance of abilities is in them, the higher flying target is their target, It is a fascinating fight against the chains.

They are characterized by Shahni attributes, to get a big target to burn boats in the coast, they are able to turn the winds away, like falsehood and make great announcements like right-sharing. No kritte They have the ability to defeat defeat in field karzas. These are young people who can fight terror and fear in the tents of false worship. These are young people who are the people of the nation and the nation of hope for the movement. With the same light, nations and movements move ahead and decide different goals.

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This class can prove to be useful for nation and nation when focusing on it. This class can become a shadow and a rich tree for the nation when every class of the nation is educated and able to do all their abilities and resources for reform. But the matter is contrary to that. Today most of our young generation passes ahead of the media, the Internet, where they see the brightness of western civilization surrounded by them. Young people feel proud to speak English instead of speaking Urdu.

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Instead of adopting eastern lifestyle, it is attracted to Westernism. That is why the council has begun slow and relaxed. There are some living things in the life that they have been born in their habitat. The existence of moral and spiritual values ​​has become an element of existence. Therefore, by making youth’s training and characteristic capable of doing things, we can be able to bring a change in society. It is imperative that their best training on Islamic posts, And the parents who lose their nine nallas right education and training are committed to doing a great crime.

The child who is deprived of his parents’ education and education, is truly called orphan. An Arabic poet says: “Atheism is not the one whose parents are dead and have left him alone and helpless, orphan is the one whose mother carries disadvantages, and the father’s work in the world Have been busy

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