Young generation drunk destroyed

Young generation drunk destroyed

In the present era, as we all are feeling that today’s younger generation is becoming addictive. But why? Why is not anyone preventing them? Is this a sensible conspiracy?

Drug is being made common in such a way that our young generation of drinking is ending. We can realize that today’s generation is becoming very slow and slow. Neither does he feel hearted in any work nor in studies. Today we look at different types of drunk young boys and girls at each other, college and university –

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Their use causes their body to be weak and cheaper, and then they do not feel in any work. Even because of this drug addiction they forget themselves and if they do not get drugs, they do many things to get them. It is impossible to slowly live without these signs and they have the same purpose. That’s how to get your drug in any way. For that they are involved in crime like robbery and dacoity. If they are killed by someone for money then they do. The habit of young people is ruining this drunk habit.

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In the present period most of the boys have boys who are suffering from this drug. If our young generation in this way adopt this drunk, the number of boys will begin to decrease and it will greatly harm the nation. Every nation is strengthened by the number of men in every nation since the young boys are the capital of the country. If they are allowed to be destroyed like this then our country will become weak and it is a very dangerous sign.

How many young boys accuse their drug, and how many people are in the hospitals that are deeply disturbed in the various diseases caused by them and are counting on the last day of their lives. We have to stop our young generation from it. They have to give awareness in every way how they are taking all these drugs to the mouth of death and how they are being taken to such anxious diseases.
Apart from this, the government also has the responsibility to close all the drilling factories and ban those who sell drugs. If they are not banned, the biggest investment in our country will destroy our children and young people, which will make the country a lot worse and heavy.

My request is to all those people who are drug addicted. Move one step forward and separate it from yourself. Warranty will be too late …