Yasir Shah hit the field with thought of taking 10 wickets

Dubai: Pakistan cricket team’s league spinner and bowler Yasir Shah, who got 10 wickets in the Test match, said that it was in the field to think that he would get 10 wickets in the match, and in this regard the plan against every player of New Zealand It was set, but I will get 10 wickets in 1 day, I did not think it was. Talking to the media after the end of the third day, he said that if a place would be bowling, there will be tickets, every batman will work for the match and his weak aspect is in mind.

In response to a question, he said that there was a return after the England against the England, but the series could not be performed well but the bowling reaction was received due to match-winning match, which was beneficial against New Zealand. Bowling is going on in the series now.

He said that Focus for every match and how to team the match, the last stages of the match were bad boiling, which took a lot of scores, but I would try to make sure that the total number of nip tobacco “We are very happy to have Kevin Williamson out of the innings,” he said.

He is a great batsman in New Zealand, tomorrow’s day is important to try to get a win in a good bowling match. It is clear that Yasir Shah scored 8 wickets for 41 runs in the first innings against Kawaz, due to which the guest team scored 90 runs. New Zealand hit the second innings after Yasir Shah again took 2 wickets at the end of the day.

New Zealand has scored 131 runs for 2 wickets in the second innings, Green Cap still wins 197 for Cave Get the edge. The two-day game is remaining in the Dubai Test match, Pakistan has dismissed its first innings on 5 wickets for 418 runs. In reply, in the first innings, New Zealand’s total squad had lost 90 runs in the first innings.

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