23 years later ‘New Moon for World of Madness’

23 years later 'New Moon for World of Madness'

The regular start of the World Cup 2019 is going on from May 30, for which whole nation is full of prayer and enthusiasm for the victory of green shirts, when Pakistan’s leading band ‘Madonna’ encouraged national team New triangle for
Will present soon.
Singer Ali Majmat, Guitarist Salman Ahmed and Brian Band, Madonna ‘will release a new moonlight 15 years later, which has been announced on social media.
Madonna had developed a trash for the World Cup in 1996 and thus is a 23-year-old tarnish for the World Cup.
‘Madonna’ band informed the fans about the new tragedy through the video message in which Salman Ahmed said that Ali, I and Brian gathered together for the unity of Pakistan and this video was a special video that you will see. ‘The world will change the heavens and the cricket team with pride
Ali Azmat said that this song is for different people of Pakistan who live in different areas, but especially for those who are not given importance in society.
The final date has not been announced when the currently present song, but it is likely that it will be released before May 30.
It is clear that the Madonna Band emerged on 25 years ago on the horoscope of the music and seeing the Sufi Rock Style, seeing the surrender of hundreds of millions of hearts.

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