World Cup held in India Indian players deserve visas

World Cup held in India Indian players deserve visas

India’s anti-Indian aggression was also heard in the International Cricket Council meeting and Pakistan made it clear that if India does not assure the visas’ release of the Pakistani cricketers, it will take the T-Twenty20 World Cup and 50 overs To host the World Cup hostage

The Pakistan Cricket Board has told the International Cricket Council that if India does not give pre-written and written guarantee to the release of T-Twenty20 World Cup visas for Pakistani players and officers, they should be hosted for mega event from India.

The ICC has hosted both the tournaments hosted by the guarantees of Pakistani cricketers and offshore visas.

India has to host the T-Twenty20 World Cup and the ICC World Cup in 2021.

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On the controversy of Pakistan, the ICC has told India to obtain its written assurance from November by telling the ICC or considering ICC hosting to another country.

Responsible sources say that in the ICC meeting in Dubai, Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ehsan Mani took the point that India recently refused to give a visa to Pakistan’s shooting and snooker team, due to which Pakistani players Both international events were unable to attend.

The ICC has hosted two major tournaments to India, what is the guarantee that the release of visas will be made to the Pakistani cricketers and the Officers for the T-Twenty-World Cup and the World Cup.

Shashiak Manohar, chairman of the ICC chairman, said that the Indian board will have to take written guarantee from both the government one year before both the tournaments on the gratitude and intimidation of Ehsan Mani.

Let’s say that T Tainty World Cup is in advance, India has been told that ICC has written written assurance in November.

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