Wonderful parrot, Naaman and Usman two friends

Wonderful parrot

Naaman and Usman two friends came out of school, Naaman went home with his father, when Usman Akhil got home. It will be far away that at one place it seems to be a crowd of children. He went to curiosity there. When the children were removed, a large mum was tapping some of the hands sitting on the ground and all the children were laughing at them. He went ahead and got closer to the moon and cleaned it and put them on the eyes of the elder. Then he took the sticks and threw them in his hands. The elderly clothes stood while shaking. Usman scolded all the children and shouted and said:

“Come on, I’ll drop you to your house.”

“Hey son! Thank you so much, these kids are troubling me, my home is near here.” The elders were talking on the go. Then he kept close to a flattery and said,

“Just son! That’s why I have a poor place.”

“Good Baba! Allow me to be sure if I am worthy of work.” Usman told literature.

“Stay there!” Baba prevented Usman and went inside. After a while, a green parrot was sitting on his hand.

“Son, this is your reward, it specializes in the person who has the truth.” If any problem comes, Parrot also tells him the solution. The condition is that it features this parrot. Do not know. ”

Usman was surprised to hear about this strange parrot.

Baba said again: “This parrot I am sneaking to you. Protecting it. It will be a lot of work to you, but warn you! What you told someone else about it, otherwise people and her people harmed you. Let’s go now, your family will be worried. ”

Usman took parrot thanks and went home.

He told the family that this parrot bought him from his pocket. Even if this parrot used to speak, so everyone liked it.

Usman was working his school in the evening. A question of calculating was very difficult, did not understand ski. The parrot was sitting, he immediately explained his solution. Usman was surprised. Since then, Osman sprouted and loved. Like a friend he would speak parrot. He also showed his parrot to his friend Noman:

“Nauman! This parrot is my best friend and does great things.”

Naaman was surprised to hear Osman’s talk. He knew that the parrots are good even if they speak, but they speak in a clean language, they did not know it. Numan grew up and put the parrot on his hand and started talking to him. At the same time, Uthman shouted shouting, “Why did not this parrot be examined?” Let’s say that he started asking different questions. Weirdly, Naaman gave the right answers. Now عثمان believed that the elderly said right about the parrot. Usman restricted this secret only to himself. He came home with parrot saying Nauman to meet at the school tomorrow.

When the house arrived, the son of Tia’s daughter-in-law was coming. Usman’s ambassador was very friendly with the brother. Ambassador Brother was a trusted police officer. The entire department had the reputation of their honesty and truth. Everybody was afraid of doing something wrong with him. Usman’s ambassador to Pakistan also wanted to end the crime forever. They often stolen the details of robbery, and they often listened to it. As expected, Osman opened his eyes, looking at them: “Ahaha, the ambassador, brothers have come, now you come back many days.” Usman gave them a great warm hand.

Ambassador Brother replied to him: “It was just a matter of conversation, a case has been severely confused. Today I have come from this work in this area.”

Usman and ambassador brothers were saying that Parrot spoke: “Will you befriend me?”

The ambassadors, brutally, started looking at the surprise, and seeing Oscar, Osman laughed and said:

“Ambassador Brother! I forgot to introduce you to my friend. This is my favorite parrot, which works well.”

Ambassadors brother surprised the parrot, which was constantly speaking. At the same time Osman thought why he would not tell the father’s paradise to the ambassador. Thus, this country will become a crime free and unmatched. Ambassador Brother is not even a heart to kill me and my fist. After thinking about something, Uthman gave the truth to him with the promise of secrets. Ambassador Brother did not believe. Still, he said that he would try and see no one. Usman gave the Tutta ambassador to the brother that he would safeguard her.

The next week, Usman met the Ambassador Brother and asked the parrot to return: “Ambassador brother! You give my parrot, when you need it.”

Ambassador Brother looked at him and said: Othman! Really you were right, I have solved a lot of cases through your parrot and fun is not a crime even if it has been revealed to the most important information. I have recorded the statements of all these criminals so that there is no doubt about it. ”

At the same time the imports of theft were increased in the city. Mobile phone detection is normal. People did not place more money in pockets due to fear. The police department was pressured to arrest the criminals as soon as possible.

Ambassador Brother was also very upset. Finally they caught a criminal. Something happened that under Osama’s advice and under a project, some people went to a bus in simple clothes and started counting the pits of notes from the pocket. At the same bus youth of some other brave police were also present in simple clothes. They counted the notes. A little later a man shouted that my mobile was stolen. He told everyone to give a bull on my mobile phone. He told the number. People get rid of their mobile phone pockets to add numbers to sympathy. At that moment, that man stood up and started removing pistol and snatched all the mobile and cash. His four companions were already on the bus. They too stood up.

The ambassador also pulled out his revolver: “Beware! Do not move from your place, you’re on a police station.” Soon the driver stopped the bus. They robbed the bandits and fled to Gate, but there were already the police officers in plain clothes. Soldiers arrested them. So Inspector ambassador caught the main people of his group.

Later the offender sprang everything due to the parrot. His name, base address and many impressions he had combined with other colleagues. The poor people had lost their hands.

Inspector Ambassadors raid their homes together with their subordinates. There were lots of lost money, mobile phones, jewelery etc.

The government gave a cash prize to Inspector Ambassadors. The place is famous for them. The number of youngsters were impressed by their honesty, honesty, and tried to become like them.

In evening, he came to Usman’s house and said to Usman: “Usman! It has happened because of you, nor did you tell the characteristics of parrot, nor could I reach these criminals.

Usman smiled and said: “Brother brother! This is the fruit of your intention. You have done all this. By threatening your life, you have caught these criminals. Are you tributing to me all . ”

“So what do you think Parrots should return or offer to the country?”

Usman asked for a moment while asking for the ambassador to brother, and said, “Maybe God has given this parrot so that I can work in the country through it.” The ambassadors greeted the parrot with them.

In those days the incidents of bomb blasts in the country were increased. No place was safe.

Inspector ambassador received news from an authentic source that today the crime group is going out of the country with an airplane.

Inspector ambassador arrested a person from the airport, who was caught suspicious. This person had complete information about the flight. Inspector Ambassadors set the parrot in front of that person. All the information were received in a short time.

Meanwhile, some of the criminals blamed the bomb in the building. This rumor broke on the airport. The criminals were avoiding taking advantage of this fortune. Police reported heavy rains on Rangers. Inspector did not care about his life and caught the criminals. In this sudden situation, the criminals became miserable and put a weapon.

On the other day, newspapers were filled with inspector ambassador. T-V was coming to know about them, “the inspector of the country, not caring for his life, defiled the country’s biggest criminals. Parrot and inspector ambassadors were martyred by a robbery.

Usman passed through the stingy stages. His dear parrot and John loved the dear brothers, but all the criminals were punished. Peace and stability in the country. The public tribute to Inspector Ambassadors. How beneficial was the value of an officer? If all the responsibilities are resolved, Pakistan becomes paradise.

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