With this emotional spot VW wants to get rid of the cheating image

With this emotional spot VW wants to get rid of the cheating image

VW wants to create a restart in the US after the exhaust gas scandal – even in advertising. But in the new spot, the car maker himself first addresses the affair. Instead of promises, he now focuses on emotions – and uses a well-known song.

It’s not the Superbowl, but it’s still a television event in the US: the third game of the American Basketball League NBA’s final series between the  Warriors and the Toronto Raptors. Millions watch – even during the commercial breaks. And that’sGolden State exactly where Volkswagen wants to venture a new start for the brand in the USA. Ironically, the scandal-plagued automaker itself addresses in his new spot the affair of the fraud diesel.

“New details on Volkswagen and the expanding scandal, against the world’s largest car maker is being determined,” is the voice of a newscaster to hear. In addition a nearly black screen, in the distance a man stands in an enlightened door frame. Cut. “Dissatisfied customers file lawsuits against the German carmaker,” says another news anchor. A man is sitting in the dark, chewing on a pencil, resting his head in his hand, looking desperate.

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Then “The Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel begins: “Hello, my old friend,” they sing, a greeting to the darkness. It also dominates the video, only shadowy is the man who tries to draw a new design for a car, but the designs crumpled again.

Then he descends into a kind of archive and finds there – the blueprints for the legendary Bulli-Bus from VW. There are pictures of robots setting welding points and installing a huge battery while Simon & Garfunkel continue their hit. At the end of the planned electric Bulli rolls into the light.

Attempting to deal with your own affair
It is a symbolism that even basketball fans can still decode after the second beer: Volkswagen is in the dark, the scandal, remembers its roots and is rewarded with the enlightenment: a classic in the e-car format. No question: the spot works and remains in memory. This is also because VW has decided for an offensive approach to their own affair.

That such spots can still be important years later, was also in the scam scandal. Finally, VW in the US was also the fatality that had advertised for years in the advertisement with the term “clean diesel” for their own cars.
They were not clean, though. Such a thing can no longer happen to the German concern with the new spot. Instead of content-based promises, this time, the focus is purely on the emotions. “In the dark, we have found the light,” it says at the end of one minute and 45 seconds long movie. Only spongy is promised: “We introduce a new era of electric driving.” Whether that’s true, is questionable. Legally, it should be clean.

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