Why sleep full, Field Martial Mingumery

Why sleep full

Field Martial Mingumery was the commander of coalition forces in Africa during Second World War – in his biography, he wrote in life as usual in his usual normal routine. It did not matter – he received all the furry reports and after giving the instructions to all the commanders, he would have to bed at the right time – Mingmery won this front and the nation awarded the field martial title. This war has won the best combat tactics with the right decisions and honorable leadership

Medical experts say that the sleep is very important for the correct decisions – the ability to concentrate on problems is less intact if the sleep is not complete – the majority of people are unable to understand the importance of sleep at present – people are late As far as possible, it is worth mentioning the widespread work- Those who do not take full sleep due to engagement and responsibilities are compelled to wake up, but this habit of awake amateur is not appropriate and justified – everybody can experience sleeping The lack of fatigue tends to be very tight and the mental health of man also takes place gradually – healthy and happy To stay efficient sleep is as important as the right diet and regular urzsyn-

According to sleep experts, there is an increase in the risk of attacking heart disease and mental depression due to lack of sleep – the simplest principle of being healthy is that you arrange a nighttime sleep. – So that you can get physical comfort and mental energy-

How much sleep?

The main sign of sleeping night is that if you wake up early in the morning, feel fresh and tired – according to a sleeping expert, a healthy person needs eight hours of sleep from six to four.
Well, remember that even the need for sleep is individual, like four hours sleep is sufficient for Shaheed Hakim Mohammad Saeed – it should also be noted that the quality of sleep is more important than one-night. I can not get the benefits of sleeping sleeping many times as a sleep loan can not be fully paid – it gets as much as possible for health to get paid as a loan – it continues to be healthy for a long time. It is affected – it takes too much time to pay for as many sleeps asleep or does not have enough sleep – many hours from the actual hours. No more – Nourishing or decreasing sleep for many nights seems to prove to be healthier due to health – it is very important to avoid sleeping at the time of sleep.

Average of streaming

According to a review in the United States, there are at least one third of the adults who sleep at least one or a half hours – 40 percent of the Asian Midnight passes on the bed after passing through, like just 20 percent in Japan alone every night only It takes eight hours and forty six minutes – it’s even more average in Taiwan, because there are more hours working people- people keep working in the office for a long time- and they do not even realize their loss.

Why sleeping

It is important that the average sleep of human sleep has decreased after the invention of the bulb – according to sleep experts, there are also an important causes of the present life, such as in the cities like Karachi, the appointment of a wedding marriage is now completed on time. No harmful delay has been accepted as mandatory and food has become normal after 12 o’clock- Now children too wake up with their elderly for a long time and stay in school and socially-entertained activities to this extent. It has increased that people continue to wake up after hours of sleeping – people sleep after hours due to the internet – it and this kind of busy busy And the amount of sleep is a result of activities

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In a series of sleeps related to sleep and in Philippines, 80 percent of 3688 people surveyed said they were very stressful due to the abundance of work and engagement – due to lack of sleep and They are suffering from problems born- according to some people, they can not get time for sleep- even if they get time, they do not sleep.

There are two complaints in sleep problems – one unhealthy and breathing during second sleep – 20 million people in Japan suffer from habit of pain – 30 million people over 15 years of age in Thailand Are suffering from

The importance of sleep

Sleep is essential for good health – without sleep, it is unable to cure health problems and diseases which are especially heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression and depression are most likely to reduce sleep. Bad and negative impact depends on the body’s immunity – a specialist health and good use of good foods do not come in the parts of those who lose full sleep. The body’s immune function works at the same time. When the entire sleep is taken – the tiredness of the human body during the sleep is refreshing again and again, when it reduces its energy shortage. The causes of crying – Defects and kill other poisonous ingredients, defense cells are bone, blood and lymph in the body- they protect our bodies from outer infections – in Turkey Experiments have proven that sleeping up to 24 hours resulting in sleep loss or number of protective cells decreases by 37% – San Diego (US)

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