Why are the trumps lost today? The close partner

Why are the trumps lost today The close partner

Washington (CNI) After receiving a majority in the Democratic Party’s parliament in the Middle East elections, US President Donald Trumpp is concerned about his potential diplomacy. US broadcasting agency CNN claimed that President Donald Trumpp has concerns about the next government, which he expresses in the public execution of American President from his close circles. President Trumpp’s Democracy Government in the next presidential election, on the condition of not being nominated by CNN, a close close associate of US President Trumpet.

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A close source of the White House has told CNN that two women to hide the sexual scandal by Traffist legal advisor Michael Cohen, during the campaign. Models may be the president’s expense on the payment of heavy money. News reports of the US president are stressed when the lawmakers have filed a petition against President Trumpp in the New York court by which by Michael Kohn. Women’s models have been encouraged to pay for silence. Selected representatives of the Democratic Republic It also claims that President Trump law has been executed and after the government’s change or disagree, the Donald Trump may also be imprisoned in such cases.

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