Who would not like to buy this smartphone

Who would not like to buy this smartphone

Which could run once for a week after charging?

Who would not like to take such a smartphone, which could take several days but lasted a week after charging ?, A Chinese company has developed a device that has the capability. Smartphone called Doogee’s S880 is currently the world’s most powerful battery device. 10080 mAh battery is given with this phone. While most of the phones today do not have more than 3,000 to 4000 MA batteries, but also the Chinese mobile battery tables

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Is more powerful than battery. The company claims that this phone can be talked up to 76 hours continuously, up to 136 hours, while it can work 1308 hours or up to 55 days in standby. This phone can run more than 10 days in case of normal use. This phone includes media tech helio p23 processors, Android Oyo 8.1 operating system, USBB port, wireless charging, and 6 GB rim. This is indeed a hard-life phone that keeps water-proof, dust-proof and shut-proof body, it has been rated IP 68 / IP 69, which means it keeps living in 3 feet water for 24 hours. Can But the Chinese company claims that this phone can also survive in 150 deep water. It has been given antenna like a Walkie Talkie, which gives it a better signal. This phone has a 6-inch LCD display, 16 megapixels on the front, and 12 and 5 megapixel cameras are set up on backup, which are quite appropriate. However, it’s a lot more weight and it looks very large due to a special type of back. The price of this phone is around 380 dollars (about 53 thousand rupees per rupee).

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