Which serious illness is it to keep cold and hands cool

Which serious illness is it to keep cold and hands cool at all times

The cooling of  UK (monitoring desk) also increases  weather and may be a serious disease, if you are very cold and susceptible to the  weather in this cold weather. It came in a UK medical study. According to the White clinic research, keeping hands and feet cool at all times indicates bad health in the body. According to research, blood circulation or tightness in the body results in blood circulation. Fingers

Why are you cool at all times? Research suggests that often there are common habits such as tobaccoon or diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. However, due to this, hands and feet often become more frequent to hear cool and hard to walk for a while. The researchers said that the disease of the patients goes serious when they are not treated, while the hands and feet do not get so much blood that can survive the muscles of the organ. He advised that despite wearing appropriate clothes, it feels painful and intensifies, then refer to the doctor and examine so that he might diagnose the probable disease.