Warm-up match: West Indies scored 421 runs for Pakistan’s stand

Warm-up match: West Indies scored 421 runs for Pakistan's stand

Bristol: West Indies scored 421 runs against the strongest rivals against the World Warcraft 2019-wicket-win match against Pakistan.
Pakistan will play its opening match against May 31 against West Indies.
In the warm-up game played in Bristol, New Zealand won the toss and decided to field first, which West Indies battles proved wrong.
West Indies scored an innings by Chris Gayle and Lewis, and the team started 59 runs, but Gail finished 36 runs.
West Indies’s famous West Indies team, with the help of Shai Hoop and Andrey Russell, gave Cave as the target of the mountain, the West Indies team squaded 421 for the last over of the last over.
West Indies shifted to Shai Hoop 101, Russell 54 and Lewis with 50 runs.
Kavez could not start well in the West Indies’ 422-run target, and the 33-year-old, Pylen returned to the overall score of 33.
Cavez’s entire team got 330 runs in the 48th over and was beaten by 91 runs in the match.
New Zealand made Tommy Benner a series of runs, when Ken Williamson became prominent by 85 runs.
West Indies’s evilweight 3, Alan 2, Coat Rail, Roch, Thomas and Nurse out of one one.
India beat Bangladesh by 95 runs
In the second warm-up match played in Cardiff, India beat Bangladesh by 95 runs.
Bangladesh won the toss and decided to bat, India’s innings started Rohit Sharma and Shakhar Dhoni, but initially only the Indian team had to suffer and Shakhar Dhoni made a run out.
India made 359 runs in 50 overs in the 50 overs with MS Dhoni and K.L. Rahul, former skipper Dhoni 113 and Rahul 108 runs for Lalu.
Bangladesh beat Ruby Hussein and Shakib al-Hasan two, two of them.
In the pursuit of the target of India’s 360-run target, Bengali Tigers provided a good start by the Lt. Das and Somalia, but on the run of 49 runs, Sammy ruled out 25 runs and Shakib returned to the palline without any runs.
Mushfiqur Rehman and Ltatt Das set responsible for 120 runs, but after being out, Bengali Tigers got fed and the whole team scored 264 runs in the last over.
Bangladesh had to beat 95 runs, Mushfiqur Rehman 90 and Lt. Das 73 were prominent in 73 runs. India clashed with Kendipi Mishio and Chail 3, 3 when Mohammad Shami dismissed 2 players.
The World Cup’s official start will be held on May 30 and the opening match will be played between England and South Africa host.

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