Use of fried fruit, useful for cancer and blood pressure

Use of fried fruit, useful for cancer and blood pressure

Agricultural and medical experts have shown that in vitamins A, C, Fleudad, phosphorus, limestone in most of the fruit, due to the limestone in the body, the human body causes immunity, the grup fountain, the canopy, malta, the other fruitful fruit, the mammy Cancer, high blood pressure, cholesterol play a vital role in protecting.

Agricultural and medical experts have revealed after long research that other fruitful fruits including grapefruit, canoe, malta, mushi, are important to protect humans from diseases such as cancer, high pressure blood and cholesterol as well as fill in human body. Psychosopathy also cause to be immune, because research and analysis on most of the nutritional and nutritional benefits have shown that they are found not only in vitamin C and O but also folic, phosphorus and lime in large quantities. The use of fresh juices and not only is the effect of finding Vita Min, A, etc, but it also supports strength in defense. .

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Experts have suggested that using grapefruit is helpful in controlling sugar as it is useful for carotide noodle, flee-videides, oranges human body. He said that the area for the growing fruit of the gardens has reached 198 thousand hectares, out of which 60 per cent of the production is obtained only from Sargodha district.

Experts say that there is about 25,000 tonnes of production from Tashdar Bagh, but only 10 percent of it is exported. He said that if the gardener uses agricultural seeds, fertilizers to consult agricultural experts Can get better output.

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