US sanctions are economic terrorism: Iran

US sanctions are economic terrorism Iran

President Rohani said that the purpose of this economic terrorism is to destroy any country’s economy and by threatening other countries to keep them from investing in this country.

Iran’s President Hassan Rohani has declared the US sanctions on his country as economic terrorism.

In a speech to a regional conference in the regional conference on Saturday, the Iranian president said that America’s illegitimate and illegal sanctions against the Iranian nation are unacceptable and are based on terrorism against Iran.

He said that the purpose of this economic terrorism is to halt the economy of any country and fear other countries and keep them from investing in this country.

In Tehran’s ongoing conference, parliamentarians of Afghanistan, China, Turkey and Russia are among the participants.

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In his speech from the conference, the Iranian President further said that his country is facing a tremendous attack, not only the Iran’s identity and independence threatened, but it is also affecting Iran’s foreign relations. .

Iranian President warned in his speech that if the American sanctions weaken Iran, then the West will have to face the flood of drugs, immigrants and terrorism.

He said that they want to warn the implications that if Iran’s ability to counter terrorism and terrorism is affected, they will have to overcome its serious consequences.

It is clear that due to being in the neighborhood of Afghanistan, Iran is a major part of global drug efforts, and Iran authorities take hundreds of drug addicts and other drugs every year to Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zafar has accused the United States that he is selling more weapons than the region’s farms in the Middle East.

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In a speech to Iranian news agency Erna, the Foreign Minister said that the volume of weapons sold by the Americans to the Middle East countries is incredible, which has transformed the region into ammunition.

He said that supply of weapons far more than the region’s needs indicates the US’s dangerous policies.

It is clear that Saudi Arabia is the largest buyer of arms from the Middle East, which is the biggest competitor of Iran in the region.

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