US assistants insist on abandoning the use of devices

US assistants insist on abandoning the use of devices

Merkel (Monitoring Desk) USA is trying to convince the wireless and internet companies of all its coalition partners to abandon the use of Chinese mobile company ‘Hayey’ devices, despite cyber security concerns. According to the French News Agency, AFP, the report of the ‘Wall Street Journal’ states that the United States’s incumbent campaign is being targeted by all government officials of the United States. Where the use of air conditioning is high. It is believed that airborne devices are widely used in Germany, Italy and Japan. Wait

According to Wall Street Journal reports available in New Smartphone P20 Light Pakistan, some say the US is also helping telecom companies to prevent China’s use of other countries. Due to close proximity to China, overseas surveillance continues in some countries including America and Australia. However, Hoyo has been denying allegations of security for a long time with security concerns and Chinese intelligence services. According to the people familiar with the matter, the Chinese telecommunications device in these countries is worried about the use of equipment where US military base is established, such as Germany, Italy and Japan.

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It is clear that ‘Ohio’ is the Chinese company for which it has become very difficult to do business in the US. Last month, US Congress has expressed reservations regarding national security and according to Congress, the phones are being used for the spying of the Americans. Due to the US administration’s reservations, the Chinese company has suspended plans to extend its presence in the US. On the other hand, the US President has officially banned the use of air phones on all government officials.

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