Unemployed Pakistani youth, great news for announcement

unemployed Pakistani youth, great news for announcement

China is going to work in China, Jobs, unemployed Pakistani youth, great news for announcement

Beijing will be held in Beijing on Thursday, the joint contact committee on the China Economic Economic Corridor (C-PAC). Joint Committee on PC-related projects and issues is a key official forum. Here’s a two-way consensus consultation There is a possibility of signing a framework regarding industrial cooperation for the development of special economic zones. To establish Chinese and Pakistani investors industries under the framework, and to promote business in special economic zones. The delegation will be encouraged by the Minister for Planning, Planning and Development, Makhdoom Khus Waiting for

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They will also be the Chief Ministers of the four provinces, the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, and Chief Executive of Gilgit-Baltistan. According to the sources, Pakistan has decided that it will take several important projects in front of the Joint Committee in the upcoming meeting on Thursday. Will offer These projects include $ 2 billion Karachi circular railway, the project for social development for all the provinces and the Gwadar infrastructure. Earlier, in the seventh meeting of the joint committee held in Islamabad, several projects were reviewed under CP and various projects were approved.

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On the other hand, China’s non-financial foreign direct investment (ODI) last month According to the previous year’s statistics figures, sugar investors unveiled a total of $ 104.48 billion in 157 countries and territories. This investment was 5213 investors. According to the CRI, in the non-countries, investments in Belt and Road around the country were $ 12.96 billion, which is 4.8 percent higher than the previous year. Due to the investment of these companies, daily employment generated three million opportunities. .And these countries got a $ 3.24 billion revenue.

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