Two suspects arrested in Karachi in reference to Turkey

Two suspects arrested in Karachi in reference to Turkey

KARACHI: Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested two suspects who had recovered money from Turkey.

Two suspects offered to the FIA ​​were arrested by the FIA, who are related to Quetta and are involved in Hyundai’s work.

In the FIA ​​Anti Crime Crime Circle, two people were arrested and arrested, arrested by suspects Mohammad Sami and Abdul Malik, while a suspected suspect Shakeel Jaffrani was arrested from Karachi three months ago.

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On account of Shakeel Jaffrani, Muhammad Sami and Abdul Malik accounts were frozen, which opened up the suspects for bribes.

Both the accused were called in a circular in the President from where they were arrested.

The arrested colleagues refer to there who are present in Turkey and they handed over money to Quaid via queen.

Only last year, the accused arrested a sum of Rs 60 crores when both the accused were arrested in the pre-recorded case.

Sources said that some FIA ​​and police officers also pressured to leave the suspects.

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