Twitter is dangerous for women: Amnesty International

Twitter is dangerous for women Amnesty International

Britain (Monitoring Desk) Amnesty International declared its threat to women and harass women on Twitter in its recent report as a “dangerous” place for women. Amendment International, Human Rights Nonprofit Organization, released a report released by Twitter on Twitter, revealed that more than 34% of the potentially targeted female women were insulted than white women. There are. Additionally, 84% black women were targeted in abusive twitts. Report

According to ‘humiliating material is a violation of Twitter’s personal laws, extremism in insulting content, involving a tweet to threaten people on their race, nationality, native gender identity, religion, age, disability or serious illness. Are ‘ The report further revealed that black women in one of the 10 batsmen, while one of the 15 batsmen, used abusive language for white women. In this research, titled ‘Trail Petrol’, under the Cruise Sourcing Project of Amnesty International volunteers and Montreal-based start-ups of Allenite Intelligence, 777 women related to the US and UK politics in January and December 2017 2,000 28 thousand tweets were sent to the politicians and journalists. However, Twitter reacted to the report that the policy of insulting behavior prohibits content that is used to harass someone, to threaten. “We are working transparently to improve the technology and equipment so that the intensifying, extremist material is more rapidly detected, prevented us from spreading on Twitter,” says Twitter’s Legal, Policy and Safety Chief.

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Go ‘ In response to Amnesty International’s investigation, Shadow Home Secretary Dan Abbott called for “Twitter to remove extreme racism and misguided”. “My staff still works only in removing and blocking contentious and threatening social media,” he said. Dan Abbott adds that ‘this content is based on extreme racism and hatred of women’. He also pointed out that hatred material can increase violence and liability is liable to stop sharing such content sharing accounts faster. Dan Abbott had to say more, ‘Twitter does not even have a way to deliberate insulted comments until the account is closed.’ It is believed that in September 2017, Amnesty International’s separate report was revealed that Abbott Dawn received 45.1 percent of the abusive Twenty-five Twenty-Five Sentences sent to the women’s ministers this year.

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