Tweezers or additional weight loss are the biggest cause

Europe (monitoring desk) Extra weight and fat of the body may cause many diseases, but experts recently warned that the risk of heart attacks caused a lot of increase. According to the details, World Congress Cardiology and Cardiac Health in Dubai, the World Institute in Survey Health released the survey report, which described the causes and data of the heart attack. Experts have set up a report in light of previous cases last year, in which 16 countries of Europe in Europe

Data added. According to the research report, Europe is the region of the world where heart diseases are spreading rapidly. According to experts, people living in different countries of Europe have the cause of spreading the disease, because they sit in a large part of the day due to which their fat increased fat. The people involved in the research were called to interview with the medical history and the experts questioned them differently.

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Doctors have asked questions about smoking, eating habits, physical disorders, blood pressure and sugar. According to experts, most patients had a blood pressure patient due to weight due to weight loss due to diabetes. According to the report, more than a dozen patients had gathered their data, 64 percent of the people were hit by obesity and they were also suffering from diseases like sugar and blood pressure, while 37% of normal weight loss Were there During the research, it also showed that 18 percent of cigarette smoking, while 36% of those who do not take physical and physical care have suffered in a severe heart attack. In the survey of the survey report, experts concluded that the biggest cause of spreading heart disease is excess weight or obesity.

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