There were opportunities for polio cases, Punjab Punjab

There were opportunities for polio cases, Punjab Punjab

There were opportunitie

Earlier this year, the case of Kango virus came in front of Karachi.

According to Director Jinnah Hospital Dr Semi Jamali, a 35-year-old woman was a resident of Faizan Orangi Town and was brought to Jinnah Hospital for the last day.

Dr Siemi Jamali said that 2 days ago Kargu virus was confirmed in Fajim Fahim, after which he could not handle his nature and became famous.

Precautions of Congo virus prevention

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According to experts, bones and stomach ache, symptoms of high fever and any part of the body are the symptoms of Congo.

The health department was issued alert to the health department by the Department of Health, in which people were asked to take precautionary measures before the livestock market was issued.

Advice is directed to wear a light and open cloth while going to the stock market, and keep the body completely covered.

Advice also said that the coconut of the Congo virus exists on the skin, so use the gloves before handling the animal.

It is clear that Congo’s ability to move from one person to another.

s for polio cases, Punjab Punjab

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