The world’s first 12GB smartphone smartphone was introduced

The world's first 12GB smartphone smartphone was introduced

China (Monitoring Desk) In the coming few weeks, several Android flagship phones are going to be introduced with 10 GB Rams, especially Chinese companies are going to present Shiites and One Plus devices. But forgetting them, the world’s first 12GB RAM Smartphone is now introduced. And this is also in China. The world’s first 10 GB GSM Smartphone Lenovo has introduced its new flagship phone Z5 Pro, which has 12 GB Rim and 512 GB storage.

It has also been given the new 855 processor of the Calcium Sniper Dragon, which will be available in China for some time in 2019. Earlier in a leak claim that the world’s first version in the Samsung Galaxy S10 version 12GB and one TB storage smartphone is about to introduce. ZWI Pro will be available in addition to 12 GB and 8GB BM and 256 GB storage, OSG RIM and 128GB storage version, while it will also have a cheap version of the Sniper Dragon 710 processor, 6G B. REM and 64GB storage will be given.

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The phone will be equipped with a wireless screen, but the ZWO Pro will not be redefined, but a slide out mechanism will be given for the front camera. This slider will be given 16 and 8 megapixel cellular cameras, while a dual and 16 megapixel dual camera will be installed on the back. Other features of this phone will be 6.39 inches LED screen, Blueout 5.0, Dual sim support and 3350 MAh battery. This phone’s price will be 4398 yuan (more than 88,000 Pakistani rupees), while its 8GB and 256 GB storage and 6GB RMB and 128 GB storage versions will be available 3998 yo and 2998 yuan respectively respectively. . The cheapest version of this model will be sold in 2698 yuan.

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