The world-renowned German-American American musician Mevine died

The world-renowned German-American American musician Mevine died

The world-renowned German-American American musician Mevine died

Andrey Previen was born in Berlin in 1929 or maybe in 1930. During his martial journey, he took the music from Jazz to Opera, and got perfection in the music of every level, and as a musician he had the opportunity to head the world’s best Orchestra House.

Andrea Perevine and her former wife Anne Sophie Pea, in 2004

Predivas were also a piano proporter, a composer and an exclusive music director. She was also awarded Oscar awards four times in her music department in various Hollywood movies. In addition, he was also entitled to be a Grammy Award for ten times.

Andrey Previen lived in Manhattan area in New York. Linda Patrickova, his manager, told that at the age of 89, he died at the house. He was also the music director of the London capital of Symphony Orchestra, London and the music director of the Los Angeles Floralaroni Orchestra in the year of his career.

Andrey Previen was born in Germany in the third decade of the twentieth century, when Nazi was led by Hitler’s leadership.

A picture taken by Andrey Prvivine and Ann Sophie Miter years ago in a music studio

They belong to a German Jewish family. His family escaped from France to Germany in the Nazi era in the late 1990s, leaving the United States to France.

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In 1938, Andrea Peeviewen went to Paris before her Berlin, along with her brother and a parent, in less detail, from where the family had gone to Los Angeles, the US state of California.

He grew up in Los Angeles and in 1943, when World War II was at its peak, he got American citizenship too.

These German-American American composers were so talented that he was still in high school that he started music compilation of Hollywood movies.

He was nominated for Hollywood in 13 times Oscar awards, out of which four times he had received this honor.

In the mid-1960s, he had welcomed Hollywood and started a career as a music concert.

In later years, he had the opportunity to work in many European countries and the highest musical positions in America.

Andrea Perevie was married five times and her wives included actress Mia Ferrero and the world-renowned Valentine’s Day, Ann Sophie Pea. He also wrote a book titled No Minor Chords in his career anniversary memories in Hollywood.

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