The US changed the visa policy for Pakistan

The US changed the visa policy for Pakistan

The US changed the visa policy for Pakistan

Islamabad: The US changed the visa policy in various categories for Pakistan.

According to the notification, the visa status of Pakistani journalists applying for visa acquisition has reduced to 5 months by 5 years.

The job visa and preliminary visa period has been reduced to less than 5 years, whereas trade, tourism and student visa will remain standard for 5 years.

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According to diplomatic sources, the new visa policy is in accordance with the new US visa policies regarding the US embassy in Washington because Pakistan also offers a 3-month visa to US journalists, so the United States will do so now.

In the Pakistani Embassy in Washington, US journalists pay $ 192 to get a visa from Pakistan, before the visa fee was $ 160 in the US Embassy in Pakistan, but after January 21, 2019, the United States from Pakistan About your visa policy has been modified.

According to the new rules, now the applicants of Pakistan’s visa applicants will pay for $ 192.

Those who go to work under the HVV, those who go to exchange between LVZ companies and pay for religious propaganda under RVZ will also pay $ 38 as an additional fee of $ 160. .

In addition, government employees will be issued a visa according to the duration of their work, while a visa will be issued for those who visit Sero Entertainment, Trade and Education, and no visa fee for them Not changed

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