The third child dies from the list of transplants whose program was suspended by the Government of Nicolás Maduro

The third child dies from the list of transplants whose program was suspended by the Government of Nicolás Maduro

Another 27 small ones wait in the same list where the previous deceased were, waiting for a miracle in Caracas.
Yeideberth Requena and her family fought desperately for her life, even in the last few hours albumin was sought to treat the child. The social networks were filled with desperate SOS, calls to fight against the cruel reality of Venezuela. Days before they also did not find vancomycin and meropenem, which are fundamental for its treatment.

With the death of Yeideberth, which occurred on Saturday night, there are already three children with leukemia who died in May while waiting for a spinal transplant at the Pediatric Hospital J. M. de los Ríos. Another eight preceded them in the last months. The list today is made up of 27 other children in search of a miracle that seems impossible after the State suspended the agreement it had with Italian hospitals to carry out transplants there.

Yeideberth was eight years old, Robert had seven and Giovanni, six. “It hurts a lot to know that this money has been administered in something unnecessary, there are people dying for lack of medicines and antibiotics that are not available here or are very expensive, while that money is spent on unnecessary things,” complains Wendy González, the mother of Yeideberth.

Words very similar to those of Geraldine Labrador, Robert’s mother. Or similar laments from those who fight for the lives of these children, such as the NGO Prepare Family: “How many children have to die for the State to fulfill its obligation?”.

The death of the children has coincided with the presentation, with revolutionary drums and cymbals, of the submachine gun Caribe 9 mm, which has an investment of 50 million euros after the order announced by Nicolás Maduro himself. According to the calculations of the independent media Cocuyo Effect, with this money invested in weapons and military uniforms, at least 200 transplants can be financed.

The transplant program, which was coordinated through FundaVenica, was suspended two years ago after the Venezuelan State accumulated a millionaire debt. But failures at the J. M. de los Ríos Hospital began much earlier, at least in 2014: deficiency of immunosuppressants, shortage of reagents and chemotherapies and problems with sutures mixed with contamination of oncological areas. An ordeal where even the air conditioning of the operating room, the feeding of sick children and the milk formulas failed. Even the water supply disappeared for weeks. The Prosecutor’s Office ordered the closure of the Hemodialysis Service to investigate the death of four children, contaminated by bacteria.

“While a creature lost its life because there was no one to assist it, the usurper spoke of an investment for weapons and uniforms,” denounced Juan Guaidó, opposition leader.

The government’s response, which accuses the US and the alleged financial blockade as the cause of the deaths, has caused outrage among families and health workers. At the top of the defensive end were the chancellor, Jorge Arreaza, and the official Larry Davoe, who defines himself as “agent of the State” before the human rights organizations.

Precisely both Chavez leaders have joined the revolutionary delegation, headed by Vice President Jorge Rodríguez and Governor Héctor Rodríguez, who returns to Oslo to continue the dialogues with the Norwegian mediators.

Guaidó also made public yesterday that his envoys will return to Europe with the intention of “exploring a possible negotiated solution to the dictatorship and this serious crisis.” To Stalin González, vice-president of the Parliament, and to the advisers Gerardo Blyde and Fernando Martínez Mottola Vicente Díaz joins, ex- rector of the National Electoral Council.

Maduro has applauded the confirmation of the reunion, which aims to “advance the dialogues for peace and stability.”

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