The sale of fusel-filling vehicles in British Columbia

The sale of fusel-filling vehicles in British

In North America, the use of fossil-fueled vehicles is trying to eliminate graduation. Now British Columbia Premier John Hurgangan has said that his government will introduce a law in 2019, after which only electric cars and electric trucks will be sold in British Columbia province of Canada. Under this law, 10 percent of the vehicles will be electricity-powered by the province.
It will be 30 percent by 2030.
Huronggan further said that the East Charging Network will be spread to 150 places.

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He said that $ 20 million will be spent to encourage non-polluting vehicles. Hurongon said that Zero Emission cars will be made accessible to average and poorly paid citizens.
Hurongs will present this bill in the assembly but it can not be guaranteed.

British Columbia is the province of Canada that attracts people, businesses, due to their natural beauty.
California is making similar plans to introduce electric vehicles. Canada’s Quebec Province is 20.5 percent of the sale of Zero Emissions vehicles by 2020.

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