The road to rescue the lives of the travelers in Korea

The road to rescue the lives of the travelers in KSouth Korea (New Zealand) Korean specialists have set a system of road passengers in the night, which guides the way on one side, warns the drivers on the other side that the road is crossing. On the one hand, the app has been built, the lightning is mounted on the second road and the solar thermal cameras are also installed. The experts of the Korean Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology have developed this system. It features a thermal (heat-sensor) cameras before it looks like a road in the night. As soon as the road tries to cross the road, it will turn on the alignment of the road to light. For it, the road to the crossing or the zebra crossing is light which does not affect the driver’s eyes. And watchers look at 50 meters away. As soon as the driver is 30 meters away, the ground-mounting idles start burning, as well as an electrical indication which is also visible to ignore the LED. On the other hand, people on the other hand alert this road in three ways. does. If the vehicle speed is ten kilometers an hour, it warns the person who runs from an electronic board. The second alarm is also done and the pathor’s app starts in thunderstorm. 84 percent of the drivers were carefully cautious if they were temporarily tested for 1000 cars. In this context, this system can be very effective.orea

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