The number of people killed in the chemical warehouse of Dhaka reached 78

The number of people killed in the chemical warehouse of Dhaka reached 78

At least 78 people have been killed in a fire in the ancient area of ​​Dhaka, Bangladesh.

According to the Bangladesh Police, this fire took place in a residential building in the Chak Bazaar area on Wednesday night, a floor of which was used as a warehouse of volcanic chemicals.

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According to the local media, the fire spread rapidly and it also wrapped several nearby buildings.

Chak Bazaar area has very tight roots and residential buildings are connected to each other.

It is believed that the dead include one coming to Barat.

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Ali Ahmed, head of the head of the Bangladesh Fire Service, told BBC Bengali that it was fear that the fire took place in a building of various chemicals, which also seized three other buildings.
The fire extinguisher had to face severe problems due to lack of tight area and water.

According to officials, the fire came so fast that it was impossible for people to survive.

According to Ibrahim Khan, Deputy Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police, the victims included those outside the building.

According to reports, many people were trapped in the buildings.

This is not the first incident of horrible fireworks in Dhaka. In 2010, 124 people died in the fireworks in Nmatali district.

The situation was bad due to the presence of illegal chemical warehouses in this firework incident.
After this incident, a committee had proposed to remove chemical warehouses from residential areas, but critics say that after passing so many years, there were no significant steps in this regard.

In 2013, the Garments factory building in Rana Plaza of Dhaka fell to roughly 1100 people and the wounded were injured.

Why is the Square Market area important?
The square market is counted in the most important areas of Dhaka, it is a historic district that was established at the Mughal era 300 years ago.

The area is the center of chemical business and premium factories, but after a deadly fire in 2010, the authorities were banned from storing chemical goods here.
This area is full of narrow streets, roads, small cars and people. Even passenger buses can not walk in these streets.

Thousands of wires of electricity, telephone and internet hanging on these narrow streets are threatening to the local market.

But the most dangerous thing is that residential buildings are used for commercial purposes, in which lower floors are used as warehouses for chemical and gas cylinders.

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