The government let Musharraf go, the court had not given any such order: Supreme Court

The government let Musharraf go, the court had not given any such order: Supreme Court

The government let Musharraf go, the court had not given any such order: Supreme Court

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has reported a special court on delayed serious treason case against former President Pervez Musharraf when the government has also asked the government to take steps on the withdrawal of ex-President’s return.

The three-member bench headed by the Supreme Court in the Supreme Court hearing the revision petition of the Lahore High Court Bar Association against former President Pervez Musharraf.

At the beginning of hearing, the Chief Justice, Justice Justice Saeed Khosa, remarked that the case has been registered and the trial is being done, the petitioner Taufaq Asif said that the trial was kept out of the country.

The Chief Justice has questioned what has happened till the government has called Pervez Musharraf? It was said that the court had let out, the court did not allow the government to go, the court had talked to the government, in the judicial verdict, Pervez Musharraf was not asked to send abroad.

Chief Justice Pakistan said that if Pervez Musharraf did not come back, record the statement on Skype, Musharraf’s statement could be done by a video link, if he did not give any statement, then it would be understood that the special court Can write a denial next to

Justice Asif Saeed Khosa said that the government should become hostage by any accused, if no accused does not come, the court becomes uncomfortable, and the special court was ordered to take immediate action.

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The court said that there was a serious treason case against Musharraf, a special court has been made for the trial, special court was instructed in the case of Abdul Majeed Dogar, due to the absence of Musharraf’s country. The trial is tied.

Report report from the special court

The court asked the special court to report a report on delay in the case.

The Supreme Court ordered the special court registrar to submit a report in 15 days and said that the Registrar Special Statement should specify the reasons for trial delay.

While the court has issued notice to all the parties in the federation and the case, the Attorney General has directed the Federal Government to submit the reply and submit it personally to the next hearing.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan has remarked that all are equal in view of law, no one is too small or big, tell Attorney General what measures have taken the government to bring Musharraf back.

Lack of 2,000 in pending cases in the past two months

During the hearing, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa said that unnecessary cases will not be pending, you will be pleased to hear that in the last two and a half months the pending cases were reduced by 2,000.

It is clear that the number of pending cases in the Supreme Court is 40 thousand.

Serious treason case background

The PML-N government started a serious treason case against Musharraf, in March 2014 the ex-president was indicted on the ex-president, when evidence was provided by the Prosecution in September. After hearing the order of Islamabad High Court, the special court could not hear more against Pervez Musharraf.

Later, after being named after the Exit Control List (ECL) on court order, he went out of the country.

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