The eradication of corruption and corruption is inevitable

The eradication of corruption and corruption is inevitable

If situation of Pakistan’s government institutions is reviewed then most of the officers posted here are ill of corruption. In the governmental institutions, only the board is written on “Say no to corruption” but it is not possible to bribe burying any work here. While government actions are unavailable for the end of corruption by country and society. That is why due to government non-meditation, the situation of corruption and corruption throughout Pakistan is going through serious serious consequences.

The culture of corruption, corruption in government agencies, the weak system of justice, the miserable officers and the corrupt officers, the feeling of untouchable and unbearable people is increasing. Due to lack of public, their confidence in government and government and judicial institutions is decreasing. While the disappointing performance of the anti-corruption departments in the country, and the complex and slow approach to the use of them, is causing corruption in government agencies. The fact is that basic government institutions such as electricity, soy gas, urban Development agencies, Municipal Committees, Local Government Offices, Government Institutions show lesser and minority nurseries, urban numbers are worse than seeing assets of minor departments, and talented lifestyle here.

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Pakistan, whose international world has been declared the 33th most corrupt country, corruption here is so common that some powerful people and political leaders promote corruption and corruption. Even here, some of the key rulers who are embarrassing, are also involved in some badly involved political leaders in corruption, their corruption is known as the country’s child, but because of political misconceptions and weak systems, these people are charged with all charges of corruption. It’s a bad thing like milk ished. Pakistan is raising voice against the Supreme Court and media and media corruption, but despite the mandate of ending corruption, the Government, which has become the dominant government, is struggling with strong measures against corruption in public institutions.

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While here there is increasing inflation due to the robbery and monkey sharing, and the inflammation of corrupt rulers living on power, and the lives of ordinary people have become wasted. On one hand, government officials and ruling groups on big positions are demanding luxury due to the robbery of national wealth, and on the other side poor and poor people are forced to commit suicide and suicide even today. The current government is not only capable of effective legislation to end corruption, but also avoiding corruption against corrupt officers.

Due to the loss of national wealth and resources due to the loss of PIA, Pakistan Steel Mills and Public Sector, many organizations have reached the brink of destruction. Crisis in Pakistan has increased so much in excess of 300 billion rupees a year. The people of Pakistan are very conscious and they often expose the representatives of selected representatives, and public officials through the media, however, due to the problems of government and institutions, there is no effective action in the light of these developments because the government is elected in elected houses Its numerical majority is maintained.

Of course the end of corruption is a sector where the current government has not yet been able to perform significantly. Institutions like FIA ​​and NAB are traditionally working in a way that people do not have confidence in them. The requirement is that these institutions should also be given new tasks, to be upgraded to modernity and to accelerate their performance. The judicial system should be speeded up to bring corrupt elements to an infidel role soon. Fortunately, Pakistan is a geographical country with a very important importance and it is our worst abstract that we are not able to use our resources available here, we can transform this untouchable and unfortunate into our fortune.

You can make your dear Pakistan heavenly region if the merit is promoted in institutions, to try to eliminate the bribe from every government institution, to promote cheap and quick justice and respect the judiciary decisions. Implementation of it should be ensured, and preferred national interest to personal and individual interests To get rid of cultural culture, play key role to eradicate the status of Amiri and the poor, the country’s secrets, Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi, Patna and Kashmiri state should be discussed first and then Pakistan, eliminate theft of tax evasion, If you are encouraged by debt such as debt forgiveness and electricity stolen, then Pakistan can really be on the path of development, which will make every Pakistani prosperous.

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But for this, we are unaware of the dreams, following the developed countries and the steps taken by our opponents. The present government should apply new effective laws to eliminate the corrupt elements, and all the anti-bribery institutions should be fully functional and to improve the performance of these institutions. And the protection of the voice of corruption against the corruption is certainly not possible, the real development of the country and nation is not possible until the complete end of corruption in the country.