The decision to dismiss Prime Minister’s 5 ministers

The decision to dismiss Prime Minister's 5 ministers

It has been decided to remove ministers who are obstructing government reforms: Private TV channel report

ISLAMABAD (Dec. 07, 2018) Prime Minister decides to dismiss five ministers, according to the private TV channel report that the government’s reform projects have been decided to remove ministers who are obstructing. According to the details provided by the private TV channel, Prime Minister Imran Khan is very unhappy with the activities of his cabinet ministers.
According to the report, considering the removal of 5 ministers who obstruct government reforms projects or making changes to their ministry. According to the report, the ministers who are being considered withdrawal from the Ministries of Ministers, are being disappointed with 100-day work of ministers. These Ministers could not do any hard work under their ministries, nor could ministries improve.

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The bureaucracy’s harmony with these ministers could not be established. That is why these ministers are considered to be graduated. Ministries are considering considering completing ministers, including Finance, Planning, Health, International Relations and Labor. Prime Minister Imran Khan called on the special meeting of the cabinet on Monday morning in the Prime Minister’s Office of Islamabad.
The meeting will be given the opportunity to showcase the performance of Ministries and Departments. According to the sources, Prime Minister, Farida Farda, will look at the garbage of every minister, adviser and assistant specialist. The Ministry and Division will be given ten minutes for briefing and briefing After 5 minutes questions and answers will be kept. The performance report of the Ministry of Ministries and Division was submitted to the Prime Minister on November 27.

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Clearly Prime Minister Imran Khan decided to bring ministries of first-phase caring report to the ministers for the first hundred days, and decided to bring in front of the nation. While Imran Khan has already announced that if If a minister is not working, he is coming into the category of corruption. Due to the visit of the ministers was viewed according to regular data, according to which the work of three ministers was better.
Including Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance and Virtual Affairs. In the Ministry of Interior, the 43% workforce, 13 percent of the Finance Ministry and 11% of the Information Minister’s share. Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “Is there anything other than these three ministers?” Prime Minister expressed reservations over the work of several ministers. Imran Khan said that after three months I will check the report again and the people who do not show work will have to wash their office.