The danger of deaf to hear loud music?

The danger of deaf to hear loud music?

The danger of deaf to hear loud music?

Washington –
UN agencies are warning that more than one billion people are vulnerable to hearing the hearing that listen to music very loud through their sources. These people are ages 12 to 35 years old.

The World Health Organization and the International Communications Union are introducing new international standards, under which smartphones and other devices will be protected in the manner that they are not harmful for hearing.

There is no doubt that enjoying music is involved in the happiness of life and that is why the UN experts believe that they do not want to give young people the joy of life happening when they Listen to music on your headphones. But as well, they also warn that listening to music in a very loud voice is harmful and therefore the hearing can be harmful on permanent basis.

According to the Voice of America’s Exclusive Lisa Schillen, the World Health Organization says there is no clear evidence that one billion ten million people are threatened to face problems related to hearing. However, in the institute, Sheila Chandha, an active officer for preventing deaf and hearing of the hearing, has been taken from a review set up four years ago. He explains that attention in this review focuses on the youth’s habits of hearing. This is especially a measure of sound measurement that how much he affects hearing. Shella Chadha says that this information is very useful for preventing harm to hearing

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Shella Chadha says that by our efforts under this quality, music listeners will be helped to make better choices and better decisions to listen and adopt safe ways to avoid their loss.

Key recommendations to safeguard the hearing process also include a software in private listening devices that will determine how long the listener has heard and how much the list has heard. These recommendations also say that the system should be installed in smartphones and other devices used to listen, which can limit itself to a specific extent and the user can control it itself. .

UN agencies say they hope that governments and producers will adopt these proposed standards, because the hearing is likely to be significantly affected during the coming years.

The World Health Organization and the International Communications Union say that 21 million people face this disability, and most of them belong to low-middle income countries. These institutions estimate that the number will be up to 90 million by 2050. Institutions say half of them are likely to be publicly taken into the health sector in the prevention of harm to the hearing.

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