The Beginning of Cinema

The beginning of the cinema

What is the cinema?  Means film and video, in which many images are displayed and moving, moving in which  element of emotion is found. Cinemas refers to a technological device where colorists have a large image I am clearly not able to show up in front of the people and the cinematic history is so long as the history of the cinema was not in the beginning of the human history, the actor presented his work in front of the people People used to receive people’s heart by stimulating the actions of their body and pleasing them.

The role-playing theater is the Theater Root Street, which was founded in 1809, and the world of movies, in keeping with the same, was the beginning of the theater’s origin in some way that it should show up or go and repeat it. The person always had to show the essence of acting, there was no such device that could stop these art crosses in a container, and when the people speak, the front box should be opened, so in 1824, Patro Gate presented a theory Is this theory called a rectangle visual, and it starts painting under it initially in California The image of a wolf horse was closed from the normal to the camera. It began to show the image outline on the screen.

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Amazingly, in 1880, Renaissance installed the device in the beginning in 1880, the images were shown by the projector. Due to the time lost and working The process also slowed down, so in 1889, the Flexible Cell Salvadorum was created, which triggered the movement of the film, in the year 1896, Deluxe invented a short film, which was named as a regular film, and as well as regularly in the cinema The performance of the cinema was not better because the cinema initially was presented The theater was seen in the sight of theater in 1896.

The movie was presented for the first time in the year 1896, which has not only improved the performance of the cinema, but the people also enjoy the film on the projector. The movies were shown in the Cusminama house as well as slowly the theater took place in the center of the cinemas, there was no music system in the beginning, and the movies were shown without any sound. The serious films were also seen without sound, due to which the fans felt curiosity After getting comedy movies in the cinemas, the cinema’s rear mugs have been restored.

The silent films were never completely silent, full octastas, heavy-handed musical instruments, and the sound of vocabulary, was the rise in the destruction of the First World War in Europe, when the US industry became a major force. After the 1931s, the lightweight of Roman light in Rome The element also included in its beginning, Frank Capro, director of the director, said:

The number of film banners decreased in 1932 which further reduced the film, so filmmakers felt the need for new creations to achieve the attention of movie banners. Small air cinemas were set up in a ticket to show two films in a ticket To meet, 400,000 films became annual in 1938, the number of film banners and the trend of the industry grew to be seen throughout the World War 1946, in the context that the movie Bini looks at its rise this year.

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It was the time when fans in the Cinema reached the reach of nine million to the movie, since 1947, the situation started changing since 1950, Hollywood used new techniques to attract its viewers Introduced to those who were seen under special Puerto Dedgolas, but for viewers and cinema owners Due to lack of love, the filmmakers used another technique to make curtains, cinematographs and modes and introduced projectors, but it was a great process, and after that the other techniques were given to the sculpture of Scorpion Scope and the remote Used in the 1970-1980 period, the love of the cinemas took more moonlight to the moon, and the fans who loved the spectators, who were full of the killings, were fond of every movie cinema.

Movies became both the most successful and most successful in the cinema Recognition was achieved when Walt Disney films were released for children who contain colorful worlds, including the famous Louine King, the Beasts, and the cinemas until 1990-2000 AD, the world-famous Cinemas-based companies in Hollywood, From Bollywood, Japan, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Tamil, West Framework Cinemas, which not only show the essence of their best wishes in the Cinema industry, but the leading and famous cinemas of the 2015-2016 world around the world also took their step today. Even in the nineteenth century there is a fantasy in the cinemas, every new movie on the new cinema becomes Zenith and A large number of lucrative fans come to see them.

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