The attitude of Nawaz Sharif is a sign of small mindset

The attitude of Nawaz Sharif is a sign of small mindset

Mary Aurangzeb says that the attitude of Punjab government with Nawaz Sharif is a sign of small mindset.

PML-N spokesperson Mary Aurangzeb took the Prime Minister and the Punjab government. Mary Nawaz says that it is condemned and sad to do politics on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his counterparts. Tell me who was shouting, why did he play for a walk in hospitals for two months?
He says that why he was mentally tortured for two months with a ill person and was guilty of delay in treatment.

Why did PIC be kept in hospitals after medical diagnosis, where the treatment was not available.

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Mir Aurangzeb criticized the Punjab government, saying that why Nawaz Sharif was not treated yet. Today, the government is ready to give Nawaz Sharif all the facilities, why the lie was made before the nation.

The PML-N spokesperson said that this attitude with Nawaz Sharif is a sign of small mind and less capacity of Punjab government. If the government was sincerely, the political point would fulfill its responsibility rather than waste time in scoring and drama.

Mary Aurangzeb said that now every minister is making a statement for polishing his politics, which is very sad.

Expressing his condolence, Prime Minister, Ministers and Interpreters have come to know that Nawaz Sharif is really ill, now apparently the impression that the government is trying to cure them.

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