The atmosphere of the final will be a different and a new challenge, Sarfraz Ahmed

The atmosphere of the final will be a different and a new challenge, Sarfraz Ahmed

The atmosphere of the final will be a different and a new challenge, Sarfraz Ahmed

Lahore: Chief of Quetta’s Gladiators captain Sarfraz Ahmed has said that in the PSL 4, het trucks of festivals against Peshawar Zalmai have gone past, but the atmosphere of the final will be different and a new challenge.

Sarfraz Ahmed said in a special interview to the Salim creator of the Pakistan Cricketest Website,, in the local hotel, Quetta Gladiators won the three matches against Peshawar Zalmai in PSL, but the atmosphere was different and There will be a new challenge, the competitors team is getting victorious, we can not understand a strong side easier.

On one question, he said that this time our comrade is retaining from the arrival of foreigners, we will get into the field with full strength and will try to win the title by offering the finest game, Sarfraz said that Shane Watson In the match in which the performances made for us, the journey of victory for us became easy, even with the help of Ehsan Ali, he set the foundation for a big score, the Australian cricketer could lead to a single match.

Captain said that in PSL 4, Fadahmadad and Mohammad Nawaz played both the fountains of Quetta Gladiators, unfortunately Fawad got intoxicated, after seeing the bowling, he would see bowling if he felt better. Will be in the field.

Sarfraz said that there was no problem in the One-Day series against Australia and the rest of the comforts, players have to play 10-one with practice practice for the next World Cup preparation.

In childhood, National Stadium came to see matches, got an opportunity to play

Sarfraz Ahmed says I had come to see the National Stadium in the National Stadium in childhood, power has given me an opportunity to play here. He said that in 1996, West Indies and South Africa saw the semi-final between the semi-finals, and then came to see the series against New Zealand, in 2008, there was an opportunity to play the Asia Cup here, it is a pleasure that international cricket The chain of rest is restored.

“I have got the opportunity to play series against PSL matches and West Indies, despite a few problems, people are coming to see matches with great enthusiasm, these dreams are from the tail of fans, on the other hand, the message to the world,” he said. It is going to be that Pakistan is a safe country and people who love sports. He said that the best management of credit, PCB, army, Rangers, police and agencies go to all, there are best arrangements.

Foreign cricketers also enjoyed the Pakistani cuisine

The foreign cricketer enjoyed Pakistani cuisine, Captain Sarfraz Ahmed says headwich Richards has come many times, they are also enjoying deliciously, other cricketers are also enjoying Pakistani cuisine in the restaurant, engagement And because of security, guests could not rotate more, although golf has been played.

No one can understand the pain of terrorism as better than Pakistan

Sarfraz Ahmed says terrorism can not be understood better than Pakistan, we have been facing this situation for many years, our people and young men were martyred, my sympathies are with the spectators of martyrdom victims in New Zealand. Allah Almighty gives them patience.

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Sarfraz Ahmed unable to meet the demands of the passengers

Sarfraz Ahmed also is unable to meet the demands of the passengers, he says that demand is larger than 2 days have not received any positive answer that passes will be found, 1,2 has given the message that it is trying hard Are there

The decision to give the last over to Shane Watson was on the basis of advice and advice

Sarfraz Ahmed says that on Friday, Zulfiqar Ali Khan’s decision to give last over Shane Watson to Kuala Lumpur was on the advice of Mainin Khan and Abdur Razzaq, we knew that the Australian all-rounder did not bow for a while. Watson wats out Watson as maybe you have to bowling, I Ahmed Ahmed told him that if Ali Khan made ODI over, Keone will put Polar 3 in six, if you give 20 runs Shane Watson pleaded, and we won the match too, if we lost 1.2 balls from the middle of the ground, we would have the chance to win.

Hassanine will not be a part of the Pakistani Playing Illinois

Sarfraz Ahmed says Mohammad Hasan, as a 16th player, was added to the national team, he would not make it a part of Playing Xi, we want to prepare him for the future like Shahin Shah Afridi. Hassanine learns with the national cricketers and will match the environment, if needed, they will also get the opportunity to play matches.

He said that the actor performed good form in PSL after Domestic One Day and T Twenty-eight, he was in the eyes of everyone, his team became a place, Ahmed Shehzad also got a little in the beginning of PSL. He was a victim of difficulties, he is a good player, he did less and Quetta was able to perform for Gladiators.

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