Terrorism-related killings declined by 27% in the year 2017

Terrorism-related killings declined by 27% in the year 2017 Report

Washington -Afghanistan’s first, Pakistan is sixth and India is in the ninth number of 10 top countries of the terrorist-affected world.

According to a report titled ‘Holiday Terrorism Index’, prepared for the Institute of Economics and Peace, established in Sydney, Australia’s city, worldwide terrorism has decreased during the last three years.

The report states that in 2017, global terrorism has decreased by 27 percent in 2017, and the last three years have been declining continuously. However, the report states that “for global peace, terrorism is still the biggest threat”.

The report also states that “most terrorist attacks have affected those countries where political violence is extremist”.

In the first 10 countries of the terror-affected world, Afghanistan is first six, Pakistan six, while Iraq, Nigeria, third, Somalia, when the fifth is in Syria. After Pakistan, in the seventh number, Egypt was on the eighth, Congo on the 8th, Central African Republic and India in the ninth number.
Steve Lee Lee, executive director of the Institute, wrote that disputes and state conflicts are the biggest reasons for terrorism.
Lei says that the deaths in ten countries affected by terrorism are 84 percent of terrorist deaths in the world. He said that “these 10 countries are those, each of which has at least one violent conflict in each of them, while eight armed forces are rooted in each of which, at least one of the least killed The number is a thousand “.


The report states that in comparison to the 2016, terrorist group ISIS attacks decreased by 23 percent, whereas the deaths caused by these attacks decreased by 53 percent.
With the help of a US-led coalition, local Iraqi and Syrian forces have pulled ISIS out of many areas where they were captured. These include two strong strings of ISIL, inspector in Iraq and area of ​​dancing in Syria.
“The reason for reducing Iraq’s power is its evacuation from these areas,” says Karen Greenberg, a director of ‘Center on National Security at Ford Ham La’. The fall in here, the reputation of ISIS’s reputation and foreign combatants has decreased. “

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According to David Gartenstein Russia-based analysts, other terrorist groups found in different parts of the world, are still threatening the world.
David Russia, associated with the Foundation for Defense of Democracy, established in the US capital of Washington, says that Syria is not just ISIS, but there are other organizations like “Jihad al-Shamam” who are actually jihadists and There are separate parts.


Terrorism decreased globally in 2017 due to lack of terrorism in Iraq. Here, the US-led government forces occupied the areas which were captured by ISIS.
However, despite this shortage, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, established in Washington, says ISIS has 20 to 30 thousand fighters in Iraq and Syria.
A report issued for ‘Center for Strategic and International Studies’ has said that in 2018, Iraq’s attacks against Iraqi government increased. The terrorist group attacks at least 78 attacks each month.


During the year 2017, most of the casualties occurred in Afghanistan, where 151 percent of the deaths in the war, and terrorism-related deaths increased by 70 percent.
David Russia, associated with the Foundation for Defense of Democracy, says that Taliban are getting power in Afghanistan.
David Russia says, “Generally, when the fall of a terrorist group starts, we see that its occupied territories go out of its hands. But with this attack its intensity is intensified. “
Experts say that this decline in global terrorism will continue to be global, and powerful countries need to start working to reduce the conditions due to which people are turning towards extremism and terrorism. There are.

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