Taking up, order to end Supreme Court’s expiry and continue operation against Karachi

Taking up, order to end Supreme Court's expiry and continue operation against Karachi

Taking up, order to end Supreme Court’s expiry and continue operation against Karachi

KARACHI: The Supreme Court issued the order to end the extortion in the city and continue operations related to the restoration of Karachi in the city and supervise the Chief Secretary. Justice Mushir Alam of the Supreme Court Karachi Registry The head comprising Justice Faisal Arab and Justice Ejaz Al-Ahsan heard the closure of the three-member bench in the city, and Karachi was originally hearing about restoration.
Advocate General Sindh, Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar and DSBCA Iftikhar Khani were present officers of the concerned bodies. The Supreme Court ordered the order to continue operation against the tribesmen. The court ordered the Chief Secretary to monitor the operation and also remove the mask of extortion from the city including Bagh Ibn Qasim.

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The court gave remarks to the Chief Secretary to ensure cooperation and consultation between all departments and institutions.

Do not interfere with any organization in eliminating the extortion and debris. Justice Mushir Alam gave remarks. We also dream that Karachi should be restored in real shape and return. Businesses and restaurants have been made on small plots. The street is no longer a child, it is thicker in everywhere. It was the responsibility of Sindh Building Control Authority to keep the city in real condition, but they did not do their job.
Advocate General Sindh adopted the stand, taking expert help to restore Karachi in the original form. Experts have been consulted on January 1 conference. If action is taken without planning, human illness can take birth. The plan is to be respected for action. The SBCA also demanded for more than 8 weeks for the operation.
Justice Mushir Alam gave remarks to the Chief Justice to request himself to be put in the relevant bench and the agencies get respite for action. Meanwhile, the matter of the wedding halls set on the groundlands also took place. The Cola-based marketing department filed a petition request. The applicant’s lawyer Rasheed A. Rizvi stressed that our position was notified without the hearing of the incident. We will also hear the courtesy of the court. Justice Mushir Alam gave remarks We are not currently issuing any order. The court issued notice to the advocate general and others on the request of the wedding hall administration.

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