Take a look at the Distributor Web Monitor on the changes in web pages

Take a look at the Distributor Web Monitor on the changes in web pages

Distill Web Monitor is a free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. From this extension, you can monitor the change in any Web page.
There are several other options to look at the changes in web pages. Users can also monitor the RSS changes using RSS, but not all websites support the RSS.

Users want to monitor web pages due to many needs. Interest change of product interest, new information in the page joining, or for many other reasons for web pages is monitored.
The Distant Web Monitor Google Chrome (click here to install), Mozilla Firefox (click here to install) and is officially available for Opera.

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There is no need to create an account in its free version but it has many restrictions on users. You can add 25 Web Pages to Extensions. This is not a restriction in Premium Edition.
The Distell Web Monitor includes an icon with the browser address bar that indicates the changes in the web page. It also has other monitoring tasks.

Clicking on this icon shows current monitoring and other monitoring options. Pages that change are visible at the top of the list. Clicking on this opens in the new browser tab.
The Distributor Web Monitor tracks web pages changes from Javascript. You can also disable javascript if you like. Javascript is required to disable it so that it can open on the left side of the tab anytime the monitor is opened during the use of it.
If you wish, you can change the page monitoring period from 5 minutes to a day once. Using a Distributor by using a Distributed Web Monitor, you can also receive email from the notification of the changes in web page.

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