EU accuses Boris Johnson of taking part in ‘stupid blame game’ as relations bitter

London (CNN)Relations between the ecu Union and therefore the British government sour badly on weekday once landscapist Street indicated that Brexit talks were on the verge of collapse and blasted German chancellor Angela Merkel for his or her failure.

European Council President Donald Tusk responded by claiming that Prime Minister Boris Johnson had no intention of last a Brexit deal, and defendant him of taking part in a “stupid blame game.”
The grouchy exchanges indicated that relations between the 2 sides became deeply strained, with the point in time for the UK’s departure from the ecu Union looming and no deal nevertheless united.
The bitterness seems to possess flowed from a phone call between Johnson and Merkel during which the 2 sides did not agree on the thorny issue of the post-Brexit standing of European country, a fraught question that has tenacious the talks.
An official ANd Northern Ireland|kingdom} government representative admitted there had been a “full and frank exchange of views” on the decision with Merkel — diplomatic code for an argument.
According to a distinct senior government supply, Johnson arranged blame on the EU for a failure to interact with new proposals he bestowed to the EU last week. in line with the supply, Johnson additionally claimed that “some” European officers ar “clearly hoping a second vote can reverse Brexit,” however assured Merkel that this “will not happen.”
The supply aforementioned landscapist Street was musical rhythm regarding the potential for a deal. “Talks in national capital ar on the brink of breaking down despite the actual fact that the united kingdom had rapt an extended method,” the supply aforementioned.
After similar briefings appeared within the Britain media on weekday, Tusk responded raspingly. “What’s at stake isn’t winning some stupid blame game,” Tusk denote on Twitter in a very comment aimed directly at Johnson. “At stake is that the way forward for Europe and therefore the Britain still because the security and interests of our folks. you do not desire a deal, you do not need associate degree extension, you do not need to revoke, quo vadis [where ar you going]?”
Germany pointedly refused to treat the decision with Merkel. “As is customary, we do not report from such confidential conversations,” a German government representative aforementioned.
Even as landscapist Street expressed pessimism regarding the end result of talks, British and EU negotiators were meeting in national capital for technical discussions weekday. “These talks ar reaching a crisis,” the united kingdom governemtn representative aforementioned. “The Britain has rapt an extended method, and currently we want to envision movement from the EU facet.”
Johnson undraped his Brexit blueprint on October a pair of, that was welcome by hardliners at intervals his own Conservative Party however fired by several European officers as a non-starter.
The next summit of EU leaders is on October seventeen and eighteen and time is running out for each parties to barter a brand new deal by the newest Brexit point in time of October thirty one.
If the PM does not get a deal by October nineteen, he’s duty-bound by law to hunt a brand new extension to the Brexit method. however Johnson has long maintained that he would take the united kingdom out of the ecu Union on October thirty one “do or die.”

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