Sushma Swaraj addresses OIC … few questions

Sushma Swaraj addresses OIC ... few questions

Sushma Swaraj addresses OIC … few questions

Sushma Swaraj addresses OIC … few questions
The Haiti Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj addressed the OIC Ministers Foreign Minister in Abu Dhabi last days, which was given by the special invitation Abu Dhabi and Saudi rulers. This is the first time that the OIC Forum has addressed the Foreign Minister of a non-Muslim country or non-member country. The important thing about this address was to determine its time. Pakistan’s Arab friendly countries invited Indian Foreign Minister at a time when the India-India Line of Control was beginning to bring tension to the Indian Air Force, which violated the boundaries of Indian airspace and bombardments. Let’s get to the news. In response, the Pak Air Force also killed a Mig Aisak aircraft from the Indian Air Force in a process and arrested the pilot, which was returned to India for two days after peaceful purposes.

Regardless of all these things, Kashmir situation is that whereas the country is the oppressed Kashmir terrorist group for the last seven years, then this state terrorism has reached its point of view in recent months. Violence of control has become a common occurrence of heavy forces, India’s shelling in Pakistani boundaries and consequential innocent civilians are also part of daily news. However, in such a period that due to the tension of Pak-India India, the importance of conflicts in both the countries reached the extent that the air boundaries of both countries were closed for all kinds of flights, the conference of the Organization of Cooperation of Islamic Countries held Which was definitely according to the default date.

The unique and unique thing of the ICC meeting was that the friends of Pakistan’s Arab countries had invited the Indian Foreign Minister to come and address. On the other hand, Pakistan’s point of view in this whole situation was solid significance that if India had to call on the international forum of Islamic countries, what would happen to Kashmir problem? Should Pakistan expose Kashmir issue? Or should you just look after the seventy-year struggle of the Kashmiris? However, many such types of questions have been said that Pakistan has apologized to participate in the session, criticizing and praising political experts. Most of these things, in spite of all, we take a few questions from the address of Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj.

Sushma Swaraj inaugurated the inaugural meeting of Foreign Ministerial Cooperation Organization of Islamic Countries and was given great importance to the Arab countries. Sushma talked about the number of Muslims living in India and their culture where he gave the message that everyone should be in line with their religion, no one is entitled to force anyone. But Sushma ji forgot to tell here that it is India and his prime minister is the one who has been named “Gujarat’s Kasab” because the history of terrorist activities against his Muslims is not hidden from anyone. . Today, when he is also the Prime Minister of India, even though the Muslim policy does not come back from the policy, Sushma ji is requesting to fix his home first, then it will be nice if he comes to an IIC or an international forum.

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Sushma Swaraj specially thanked Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh in his speech while giving a special invitation to address this conference, thanking Sheikh Abdullah bin Zaid in great words, calling him his best friend and said That our relations are very important. They also talked about the freedom of people, honor and integrity, solidarity, and justice. The matter was not only tired here but he also discussed the subjects of education, health and prosperity, and convinced the Muslim world that India wants to do all this work together with these countries. However, once again, Indian Foreign Minister Sushma G had forgotten that Kashmir is still targeting India’s state-of-the-art terrorism and perhaps when they are addressing it, it is possible that at the same time any oppressed Kashmiri, Indian aggressive forces Will be targeting.

If Sushma Swaraj talked about justice, including freedom and honor and greatness, ask him what is wrong for eight thousand people whose forces and agencies have been wrapped up? What’s wrong with these kids whose freedom you have been slaughtering? What’s wrong with the mothers and sisters that you have made of respect to your honesty? Is this the kind of talk about Sushma Swaraj on this forum that all the crimes and crimes of India that have been kept in Kashmir have been kept, will they be forgiven? Is this problem not a conspiracy of Arab rulers in the US patriotic way of Palestinians, to deal with Kashmir like Palestinians?

However, Sushma ji should think what was the purpose of these things? Sushma Swaraj did not even tell the respected members of the organization of the Islamic countries that our slogans of education, health and prosperity are broken daily in the occupied Kashmir, when we take away the basic right of their lives from the Kashmiri people.

Since Sushma Swaraj is well aware of the psychological psychiatrists, he emphasized in the entire conference that India’s economic condition is strong enough to make its place in the Muslim world. He described Gulf countries as India’s largest market and said that 8 million Indian citizens are present in these countries.

Sushma Swaraj said one thing that some of the ruler of the Arab world have gone wrong. Sushma said we stand with the people of Palestine

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