Successful landing on NASA’s Space Robots Mars

Successful landing on NASA's Space Robots Mars

US spacecraft NASA’s space robot hit site successfully on Mars. It is the eighth successful landing on Mars in NASA’s history. Space robots The site gave signaling the completion of the mission to NASA after landing, as well as the first picture of Mars which has been frozen due to the surroundings surrounding the glass. A few hours later, the site sent another picture that is obviously clear. After the launch, the Space Robot set a journey of 29 million miles in seven months

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Finally landing at the Mars level. This robot will investigate the formation of Mars, its zodiac and its internal structure. Currently scientists are in darkness that the surface of Mars is similar to or is different from the ground. The solar panels are also installed in the robot, which will automatically start working when the weather season becomes very cold. The site robot is different from the missions sent to Mars before, as well as 2 artificial planets have also been sent to Mars.