By | October 23, 2019

ISLAMABAD: President of Azad and Jammu geographical area (AJK) Sardar Masood Khan on Tuesday warned that India’s aggressive conceit against West Pakistan has raised the threat of a military conflict between the 2 nuclear-armed neighbours.

“India is threatening West Pakistan with war. it’s whipped up war psychopathy and has vulnerable to use W.M.D.,” mister Khan aforesaid at a seminar on ‘The geographical area Conflict and South Asian Security’, that was put together unionized by capital of Pakistan Policy Institute and Quaid-i-Azam University’s Department of Defence and Strategic Studies (DSS).

He was touching on the statements by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and aforesaid that Indian actions were imperilling security within the region.

The event was unionized to debate this security atmosphere and frame policy recommendations.

Mr Khan’s remarks came within the scene of heightened tensions between West Pakistan and Asian country, that entered a replacement part when control Kashmir’s annexation by metropolis in August. Besides, hostile statements against West Pakistan, Asian country has intense ceasefire violations targeting civilian population living about to LoC.

The AJK president explained that this hostility, that he known as “madness”, was being “driven by fascist agenda of BJP and alternative violent extremist groups”. during this context, he pointed to the BJP government’s actions against geographical area and West Pakistan, revocation of citizenship of one.9 million Muslims, and alternative measures by extremist teams against minority teams.

India’s actions in control geographical area, he warned, were “existential threat for Pakistan”. He feared that Asian countryn operations in geographical area were simply “the starting of series of steps India planned to require against Pakistan”. He aforesaid Asian country had sponsored proxy operations against West Pakistan over the past twenty years. That state of war can be intense and direct aggression may be obligatory on West Pakistan for disintegrating it.

“We ought to be all ready for war,” mister Khan aforesaid.

He additionally touched upon the steps taken by the govt. to achieve dead set the international community to focus on the geographical area issue and also the sufferings of Kashmiris.

Responding to an issue, he honestly admitted that West Pakistan might are higher ready to pre-empt India’s revocation of Article 370.

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