Sri Lanka can win the Pakistan World Cup led by Sarfraz: Sir Weaver Richards

Sri Lanka can win the Pakistan World Cup led by Sarfraz: Sir Weaver Richards

Sri Lanka can win the Pakistan World Cup led by Sarfraz: Sir Weaver Richards

The great player and captain of the past, captain Vivien Richards, scored West Indies two World Cups and West Indies played a World Cup final. Vivien Richards, who sprinkles the big balls in his round, is the owner of simple nature. Talking to them, it looks like they are loaded in coins.

While interviewing Geo News, Vive Richards says that Pakistan can win the ICC Champions Trophy in Sarfraz Ahmad’s captains so that Pakistan can also win this year.

“I have been working with Quetta Gladiators for 4 years, Sarfraz Ahmed is definitely intelligent and world class captain.” This is the sign of a good and precious captain that he learns from the mistakes.

He said Sarfraz had many World Class One-day players, maybe Imran Khan could win the dream of winning Sarfraz Ahmed World Cup.

Former West Indies captain Imran Khan and Waseem Akram are their separate zones players, it is not right to compare Sarfraz Ahmed, with Imran Khan and Waseem Akram, I played a lot of cricket, he has a different quality player. When Sarfraz Ahmed has many match-winers and his current team has the potential to win the World Cup.

Regarding Sarfraz Ahmed’s leadership capabilities, headwich Richards said that he appears to be angry at Garwood several times and sometimes he stirred up, but this is his natural nature.

Wayne Richards said that the way he picked up the team in the ICC Champions trophy and defeated India after defeating the group, that’s the sign of a good and capable captain.

“I have played a lot of cricket with Clive Lewis, the only captain whose partner is respected in the dressing room, Sarfraz Ahmed always keeps consulting with his players, I have no doubts.

He said that many big players often make mistakes, but the intentions of the captain should be good.

Vivien Richards said Imran Khan is my friend, as he won the World Cup, no one could ever think when Pakistan was the first player in 1987, Pakistan lost his semi-finals at Home Ground, but when nobody was sure, Pakistan won the World Cup. went.

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He said that Imran Khan’s leadership capabilities could not be compared to anyone else, he was a leader and hopefully Pakistan will further progress in its leadership.

He says that every time Pakistanis love me and this time I am going to Pakistan for PSL, I can not forget how much Quetta Gladiators have given me.

Sir Wayne Richards said that Nadeem Umar and his family, Manager, Khan Khan, Mainan Khan Sabha are like my family, here I am given an environment like home.

He said that one of the biggest reasons for his ever-passion in the Quota Gulie-Eaters dragging out is that the players who are not playing matches are to create an atmosphere of joy so that when the wickets fall or hollow in the field, he said. Players also excited and encourage fellow players in the field.

He said he is happy to enjoy one moment.

He says Pakistan holds reputation for the best fast bowlers and presence of PSLs of these balls increases the importance of this event.

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