South Africa’s govt. is giving deliberate hunters to kill

South Africa's government is giving deliberate

South Africa’s government is giving deliberate hunters to kill hunter’s white lion. In southern Africa, the government wants to hand over poets to kill the white nahi Bair in Mohsas. The government believes that the lion is helpless for them, this lion has a lot of price near the predators of animal heads. .
A whole campaign was launched to save this tiger but the government now wants to auction it with hunter’s hands so that they can kill him.

Authorities confiscated 3 years ago with another lion named Soria. Authorities say that this tiger does not have the ability to increase its generation, so it can be used by hunter-makers.
White lions are very rare. Currently there are only 300 white lions around the world. Only 13 of them are free in the forests.

The organizations working for protection of animals are making a lot of efforts to protect the white lion.

The petition was filed to save this tiger at the website called Care2, officials in the station have been emphasized to send this tiger to the animal protection center. There are 2 million people signed on this station but the government wants to neglect it with hunterists.
Animal protection center “Wild for Life”, where muffas and soraas are present for 3 years, is collecting money so that the matter can be taken into court and the two lions are kept away from the hunter.
Wild Fore Life is concerned that the government does not sell the company’s white bone to a white lion. If this happens, the company can slaughter Mosaafa and sell it to illegal traders of herbs and other physical asthma Asia.
Wild فارففف says that the number of lion hunts has decreased significantly, but the number of lions exported in the Middle East has increased significantly.
The Wild فار Life has been $ 6,000 or $ 7700 so far, according to The Mirror report. Soon the South African government will be prosecuted to save this tiger.