Solly facial make-up styling

Solly facial make-up styling

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So all faces are masterpieces of beauty .But those faces should be taken care of and caring for them and after that they are properly prepared, they face the face on other faces by their beauty .Our Mac The face decorated with this styling will vary from other senses to your beauty, and because of its beauty gradually stirring up its beauty.

If the face with light colors does not look attractive in the first view, the time passes along with its efforts. Keep the use of sharp and sharp colors and offer a face that is lightly colored. One should be a gentleman and establish an effective and late one.

Different steps of make-up:
Touch your face.

Decorate your face with liquid (leukyd) fuition .Usually, leverage the liquid foundation that matches your skin color.
Make a look at the pulses of the beads. Make your fittings moistened with a deep luminous eyebrow liner in your eyes. Apply your eyes with a syrup of Sir May Mile Zirringer, Eggar, Egers. Blue Eye Schedule for Flowers Let’s call it to the lamps.

Decorate and boil lightly shades of the outer turmoil between the Puppio. Choose metaL (lightweight) light purple umbrella to highlight the leaves. Navy Eye Pencil for upper rows Choose and apply it with a help line .Use the brush with blue brush head in the middle of the brush. This will improve the effect and apply the same IED under the lower eyelids.
Use the upper and lower eyelashes with a black spoon. Use pink bulbers on the palm, but it is clear that it should be huffed. Apply the pink line with the pink lip liner around your lips .And apply pink lipper on the lips with different lips. .


If you are worried that your face will look unusual for the use of light colors, use a red lip stick instead of

light pink lip stick.

If you want to reduce the value of your i-liner somewhat, after completing all make-up steps, turn on the closest to the eyebrows near the lip line. Maximum size of your makeup Choose a light colored nail polish for nails to highlight it in full style. You should match seven dresses with this style of make-up.
So simple types of spoils will remain seven seven. Most fluffy bananas and shiny costumes will not match with this stylish make-up and will show unmatched and unique ones. Choose a hair styling that can make your face Make the most visible and your hair is not visible on the face. So the choice of a pair will be suitable for the purpose.

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