Social media users will have to pay taxes

Social media users will have to pay taxes

Officers in Uganda do some nonsense every few months. According to the latest reports, the tax is being imposed on the social media users of Uganda since July.
The Uganda government has announced that soon the social media users will be taxed, which will not only increase government revenue but also help with the security of the country.
Uganda Finance Minister Matiya Kasiyya said that we are trying to gain money to improve security in the country, and to make consumers more enjoyment than social media.

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According to Maya Kasissa, Social Media Tax will be featured on any mobile user that uses Wats app, Twitter and Facebook.

Daily 200 yogurt shelling or 0.027 dollars will be received from each such user.
How will this tax be received, in this regard the government has not yet said anything. The number of mobile users in Uganda is 23.6 million. Government will need complex monitoring to get tax from all consumers.Earlier, the Uganda government announced that the government will launch its social media platform. Earlier, it was announced that the government has ordered a packaging machine for pornography. Any government’s announcement was not implemented. It is now to see that the government receives tax from social media users or the announcement is just announced earlier.
Earlier, a new law has been introduced in Tanzania in another African country regarding social media and blogging, in which about 900 dollars are received from online creators, registration and license fees.

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