Sikhs celebrate founder Guru Nanak’s 550th birth day of remembrance

The annual celebration has been given additional significance this year with the gap of the Kartarpur passageway, a secure, visa-free passage between Republic of India and Pakistan that provides Indian Sikhs access to the place wherever the guru breathed his last in 1539, currently one in all the religion’s holiest sites. What is Sikhism? Sikhism may be a monotheistic faith born within the 15th-century in Punjab — which means the land of 5 rivers, a district spanning components of what’s currently Republic of India and Pakistan. Five and a [*fr1] centuries later, Sikhs variety up to thirty million worldwide, with a chic diaspora in places like North American country, the US and Europe — though the overwhelming majority stay in Republic of India. Once rulers of the Punjab, they were thought-about a ‘martial race’ by a people colonisers. Men, particularly, area unit instantly identifiable by their vibrant turbans, wont to cowl their hair, that they need to leave uncut. That is one in all the 5 articles of their religion they need to carry all the time, called the 5 Ks: the Kesh (uncut hair), Kara (a steel bracelet), Kanga (a picket comb), Kaccha (cotton underwear), and sticker (a hooklike dagger). Sikhs worship God, acknowledged to them as Waheguru, or “wonderful teacher”, within gurdwaras, or “doorways to God”. The word “Sikh” means that the “seeker”, or the “learner”. Male Sikhs bear the name “Singh”, which suggests lion; whereas girls pass “Kaur”, or aristocrat. Who was Guru Nanak? Guru Nanak was born in 1469 to a Hindu family at Nankana European, a town regarding eighty kilometres (50 miles) from Lahore. Some legends say there have been signs of divinity around him from the beginning, like the time a elapid snake was found rearing over his head — to not attack him, however to shade him from the sun as he brushed. As he grew older the Guru began move, preaching a religion supported equality and one God. He died in 1539 in Kartarpur, wherever his remains area unit buried. Nine gurus followed Nanak and there’s no living human successor, however the Guru Adi Granth — the Sikh holy book — is taken into account the eleventh and eternal. What happens on his birthday? Sikhs round the world, however particularly on the landmass, can close to sing, pray, eat and hold sprawling processions to totally different gurdwaras. Some of the largest celebrations are going to be the positioning of their one in all their holiest shrines, the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India In Pakistan, thousands of Sikhs area unit expected to mark the occasion at Nankana European and Kartarpur. Why is that this year special? Apart from it being the 550th day of remembrance, this year conjointly saw the gap of the Kartarpur passageway — a secure land link permitting Indian Sikhs to go to the gurdwara within the Pakistani city wherever the Guru died. The gurdwara at Kartarpur is therefore near to the India-Pakistan frontier that its white dome and 4 cupolas are often seen from across the border. On Sat, Prime Minister Imran Khan formally inaugurated the Kartarpur passageway at a vibrant ceremony. “I congratulate the Sikh community on the 550th birth day of remembrance of cake Nanak and welcome you all,” the premier had aforesaid at the beginning of his address on the colorful occasion, that was marked by festivities as many Sikhs from Republic of India got their initial likelihood to access the revered web site.

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