Sheikh Rashid’s two-point message to the Sharjah Cricket Stadium

Sheikh Rashid's two-point message to the Sharjah Cricket Stadium

Sheikh Rashid’s two-point message to the Sharjah Cricket Stadium

Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmad says if the use of the war of India, then the war between the two countries will be fought. We will bring India from Wagah border to the border of Assam.

Talking to journalists in the Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Shaykh Rashid said that two nuclear forces could not afford the war, the solution to this issue is on the negotiation table.
He said that if India tried to fight, then all the deposits will be taken away. We do not want war, but if we are put to war, it will be the last and decisive battle of the subcontinent.

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Sheikh Rasheed said that at present, Kashmir’s child is fighting against Indian Army’s oppression. The person who attacked in Palma was Indian and used to be Indian soil and ammunitions, Pakistan is being involved in this dispute.
He said that blind intelligence is trying to lonely Pakistan, besides us, besides China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.

Sheikh Rasheed also said that there are possibilities that American President Donald Trump should stay in Pakistan while going to Afghanistan.

He said that poisoning against Pakistan is going on to win the Indian government elections.

The federal minister also said that Pakistan’s Super League matches should be in Pakistan. PSL matches in the new Pakistan should not be abroad, we are paying heavy stadiums from our pocket.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad avoided responding to the ongoing crisis crisis in the media and ended the discussion

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