Shahid Kapoor is also suffering from cancer?

Shahid Kapoor is also suffering from cancer

Manager escaped from the reality of news circulation. Last week, the Indian media claimed that there was 1 diagnosis of stomach cancer in Bolivia, Biddywood star Shahid Kapoor and then spread it like a forest fire. In recent times many serious causes of serious illness including diagnosis of cancer, including cancer Has happened As Sonali Bandra is currently fighting against cancer and recently returned to Mumbai. Kashi Kapoor is undergoing an unknown disease in September this year, rumors that he is suffering from cancer while Irfan Khan several months.

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Taking care of all these cases, there is no surprise about the news of Shahid Kapoor in the fans, watching the fans. The actor’s family has broken silence on this. According to news reports, Shahid Kapoor’s family An individual told ‘How can people write anything?’ What is the source of the end? How can it be permissible to spread such rumors? Shahid Kapoor’s manager has also declared this news fake. He said that Shahid Kapoor was surprised to spread this rumor and also bowl. Shahid Kapoor Kabir Singh is currently working in the film, which is a Hindi remake of the 2017 Telugu hit film.

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