Series from Australia; Take the batsman’s self-defense team

Series from Australia; Take the batsman’s self-defense team

Lahore: Former Pacer Jalaluddin says that in the one-day series against the Kangrooz series, the batsman’s self-sacrificing green shirts drowned, the cricket team seemed to play for themselves, while the decision to rest the captain before the World Cup was not correct. Was it

Australia beat Pakistan in one-day series in UAE, PCB’s decision to restart 6 key cricketers including captain Sarfraz Ahmed proved guilty,’s Salim creator In a special interview, former ex-grader Jalaluddin said that the Pakistani batsmen in the series against Australia were skeptical to get personal goals, they could get better to play for the team, strike rate would be better. Both sides scored a lot more than Pakistan 280 in both the matches. It could have been made, UAE pitches are not easy to fit, such So that players get the collection account that can be opened without care overs bowlers can express their talent.

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In response to a question, Jalaluddin said that it was normal against the captain to rest assured the World Cup so close, if the selectors wanted to test the skills of the new players, they should have kept with Sarfrazhmadkovsky so that they too Can review the performance.
Information from removing the head of the Women’s Association, met media, Jalaluddin

Jalaluddin says that the report was not removed from the head of the Women’s Selection Committee, the newspapers found that the new selection committee is being made, the women are satisfied with their performance as the chief selector, the national team including the West Indies The team has performed well in 3 series, have extensive coaching experience, trained 28 coaches, want to work in this sector, Managing Director PCB Wasim Khan informed about his availability.

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