Search for ‘moral jealousy’ to fight Sri Lanka’s government fight drugs

Search for 'moral jealousy' to fight Sri Lanka's government fight drugs

Search for ‘moral jealousy’ to fight Sri Lanka’s government fight drugs

To crack down on drug trafficking, Sri Lanka has started searching for the rivalry of two ‘strong moral roles’.

The US $ 203 million monthly salary was advertised in the state daily.

There is a law of death sentence in the Sri Lanka Constitution, but no criminal was executed since 1976.

Since now the resignation of the country’s last five years five years ago, officials are trying to find a rally on permanent employment.

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Damned border villages in the drug

Drug smuggling through aerial hosts

The dog smuggler in Kuwait was caught

This job is for Sri Lankan men from 18 to 45 years who have ‘mental strength’.

The last jury was resigned due to shock after seeing the first hangout in 2014. After this incident another jealous was kept on job but he never came to work.

About 1300 criminals are being punished in Sri Lanka, out of which 48 offenders committed drug crimes.

The country’s law recognizes the citizens ‘freedom to join any legal profession, trade, business or enterprise.’

Since 2004, death penalty may be punished like rap, drug trafficking and murder, but till now the maximum punishment for these crimes has been given ‘age imprisonment’.
On February 7 President Putri Sierra Sena told Parliament that in the next two months, he would hear the order to punish people involved in the drug-related crime.

During a visit to the Philippines in January, President Sierra Sena praised the campaign against the drug-drug President Rodriguez Dutta, and called it ‘example for the world.’

According to the Philippine Police, since the death campaign of President Duttere in April 2016, more than 5,000 drug dealers or drug-consumers have been killed so far.

In July 2018, President Sierra Sena announced that due to increasing arrests in the country’s drug-related crimes, the perpetrators of drug-related crimes will be resumed again.

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Rinl Wakmassingh criticized the decision.

According to Sri Lanka National Director Drugs Control Board, a number of arrests has been witnessed in the year 2013, with drug-related crimes.

Cheese and heroin are the most commonly used drugs in Sri Lanka. Authorities have expressed concern that the island of the country can become a major passenger for drug dealers in Asia.

Since the mid-last year, police have arrested 50 people involved in drug trafficking.

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